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I heard one farmer recently, say that there was brush-hogging, then cutting the hay, baling and hauling it in, and spreading the fertilizer over the fields. This year, next came a gentle rain, enough to settle the fertilizer, it worked out perfectly. It doesn't always work out so good, but that is the life of our farmers.

This made me think of a little piece I read once:

"I Believe"

Most people demonstrate their faith

Through church attendance or by deed.

But surely the greatest show of faith

Must be a farmer planting seed.

The little showers this past week were not much, but every drop that hit the earth, soaked in, not like the recent "flood" that mostly ran off.

The recipe exchange group's next meeting will be Monday, July 9. Each one is to bring a covered side, and share the recipe. I guess one could call it a mini-potluck, plus the usual sharing of ideas, as well as recipes.

By the time we read this, the 4th of July will already have been celebrated, but the rest of July is family reunion month, recreation and parks, make a difference to children, physical awareness, anti-boredom, stress awareness, water gardening, culinary arts, poetry, car care, mobility, kite, straw hat, cell phone courtesy, pecan, baked beans, hot dog, horseradish, blueberries, grilling, and humor month, (also ice-cream month).

So, enjoy the reunions, eat plenty and enjoy.

Speaking of reunions, the Lincoln School Alumni reunion is to be Sunday, July 15. Just a week away.

Happy birthday to Ralph Moore, Lahaya Bentley, Alicia Wofford, Kim Lyons, Mary Frances Brock, Cindy Sparkman, Dustin Taylor, Kelly Bridges, Chris Cooper, Angila Bradley, Danny Curtis, Kevin Barenberg, Eulimma Harvey, Edena Dodd, Brooke Bradley, Dwain Rigsbee Jr.

Happy anniversary to Luther and Betty Thompson, Kenny and Debbie Butler.

Happy years, all!

Community on 07/04/2018

Print Headline: The Life Of A Farmer

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