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September ended with my kind of weather, cool and clear. Some friends are already wearing their sweats. I am concerned about what they will have to do when really cold weather arrives.

My dread of cold weather is about the end of colorful fall flowers. Even the weeds are bright and beautiful, and flower beds of annuals are at their best.

The different hydrangeas that I have mentioned before, have bloomed this summer, and it was cut back like the others, which grew well, but they (hopefully) only set buds for next year's blooms. I'm anxious to see what they all do.

The last Kitchen Band meeting in September was canceled because of trouble with the piano. The first one in October also was canceled because our pianist Lorene was unable to attend. If George and Lorene are absent, there just is no band. We do really appreciate all they do.

Some Senior Center members plan a shopping trip in Rogers on Oct. 11. The Garret Singers will visit the Center with their music on Friday, Oct. 12. Also, a trip to Katherine's Place is planned, to visit some of our own who reside there, this is Oct. 16.

Keith and Karen Lipford hosted a family get-together and dinner Sunday, celebrating their daughter-in-law, Brittany's birthday. She successfully blew out her big candle, then all enjoyed the birthday cake, with big, juicy, Arkansas tasty strawberries. We wish her, many more happy years.

By the time this comes out in print, our annual Apple Festival will be more happy memories made for history, hopefully bigger than ever, as each year it has been.

Happy birthday to Ammalea Barenberg, Teagan Myers, Linda Munyon, Zeb Hobbs, Robert Hobbs, Madalynn Bradley, Sandy Norton, Bill Baker, Eden Cochran, J.D. Roberts, Marietta Morris.

Happy anniversary to Jim and Rebecca Ayers, David and Amy Smith.

Happy years, all!

Community on 10/10/2018

Print Headline: Enjoying The Last Colorful Flowers

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