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PRAIRIE GROVE -- Developers and builders will pay a little more for taps to connect onto Prairie Grove's sewer and water systems.

Prairie Grove City Council approved an ordinance at its March 25 meeting to increase fees for sewer and water taps. The ordinance does into effect in 60 days.

Larry Oelrich, director of administrative services and public works, said the city has not increased connection fees in 15 years. The actual cost to install the taps considerably exceeds what the city is currently charging, Oelrich said.

The increase is necessary, Oelrich said, so the city can recoup its costs. He said the city is not trying to make money on the taps.

Water connection fees depend on the size of the taps. For taps inside the city limits, the new connection fee will increase from $500 to $800 for a 3/4-inch tap and goes up to $2,500 for a 2-inch tap. For rural water connections, the fee ranges from $1,000 for a 3/4-inch tap to $2,750 for a 2-inch tap. The fee for taps greater than 2 inches will be based on the cost estimate at the time of construction.

The sewer connection charge is $600 for a 4-inch tap and goes up to $2,300 for an 8-inch tap, with fees more expensive for taps that are larger than 8 inches.

Road bores up to 2 inches in diameter will be billed at $15 per linear foot where required for service connections, according to the approved ordinance. Any bores that are larger than 2 inches in diameter will be based on actual cost at the time of construction.

In other action, council members approved the purchase of a new 2020 trash truck for $147,220 and a new Drug Task Force vehicle for Prairie Grove Police Department for $25,664.

The trash truck comes from Doggett Freightliner of North Little Rock. The new truck will have a 25-yard compactor, a rear camera system, rear container tipping arm, a cart tipper attachment to pick up and empty trash carts and an overhead container winch.

The police vehicle is a 2019 Dodge crew cab 4x4 pickup from Steve Landers Dodge. It will be purchased through the state of Arkansas bid.

The council also accepted a low bid of $404,320 from Mobley Contractors of Morrilton for Phase 2 of the Viney Grove drainage improvement project.

The drainage improvement project is designed to help an area along Viney Grove that bottlenecks because of storm water, Oelrich said. The city is diverting part of the water from the east side of Viney Grove to the west side through three 7-foot-by-4-foot concrete box culverts that will be installed under the road.

The city also will improve the drainage ditch to help water flow into the drainage basin built in Phase 1.

The council passed an ordinance to adopt minimum standard specifications for city streets. Oelrich said the city's current standards are out of date. The 33-page document follows minimum standards for streets that are used by the state.

In other business, the council:

• Approved the final plat for phase 3 of the Belle Meade Subdivision with 14 lots.

• Approved an ordinance replatting part of phase 3 of the Sundowner Subdivision.

• Approved some lot splits within the Cedar Springs senior housing development to help with bank financing.

• Amended the ordinance establishing locations for public posting of ordinances: new library, City Hall, water department, downtown kiosk, Rieff Park.

• Authorized the mayor to negotiate the sale of 112 S. Neal Street (old waterworks building) but restrictions on the sale will require the owner to protect the building's historic structure, the water tanks underneath and the spring that runs under it.

General News on 04/10/2019

Print Headline: Council Increases Fees For Water And Sewer Taps

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