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To The Editor:

The establishment of a commercial enterprise on Bethel Blacktop will negatively impact the community of Bethel Grove. Therefore, I am writing to express opposition to the proposed Elevate Elite Training Academy on Bethel Blacktop in Bethel Grove because it is not compatible with the farms and homes located here.

We understand that the aforementioned prospective business will offer a recreational service to a select age group; at the same time, we know that housing in our community satisfies the basic need for shelter for all ages. There is great opportunity here for more housing to satisfy the growing need for homes in Northwest Arkansas. There is, however, concern that the housing market in Bethel Grove will diminish if commerce is allowed to gain a foothold in our community.

Homes located in Bethel Grove in the Farmington Growth Area represent the best of urban living in a rural setting. We love our homes and value our land. We know that the establishment of commerce in our midst will devalue our real estate. Is it right for the actions of one to adversely affect the many? Otherwise, why do we need zoning?

Forward thinking and planning recognizes that our community will be best if it continues to grow and progress as a farming and residential community. Opening the door to commerce will have a negative impact on the future sustainability of Bethel Grove. I am appealing to the Washington County Quorum Court for their vote to preserve the integrity of our way of life in Bethel Grove for now and for the future.

Martha DeVault


Editorial on 04/10/2019

Print Headline: Letter To The Editor

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