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Our countryside is now pretty dreary, trees all bare, and no colorful flowers. Hurry, Spring!

Yes, there is one flower that shows up on the lawn, the persistent dandelion, one which I do not appreciate. Of course, with the freezing weather, those blooms won't turn into those ugly "fuzzy balls" as they do every summer, but I would like to rid the lawn of them before they have that chance.

Another dreary subject, the post office has raised the postage again, to 55 cents per letter. We feel they are pricing themselves out of business, then what will we do? I have been saving $30 a year by paying the utilities through the bank, and the post office loses that. How many hundreds are doing the same, because of lost mail, added 10 percent to paid bills because of "late payment"? Remember the penny post card? Post cards are "still 37 cents."

The Kitchen Band was back in session Tuesday, in very fine form. Jack Thompson had some new joke books and they were good, so much fun was welcome on the cold day.

Now, the subject "Comfort Zone."

A family went to the theater on Saturday night in a modern cinemaplex with air conditioning, fine carpet and new reclining seats. They spent nearly $50 for a family of five. On Sunday after church Dad was complaining about how unkempt the church was and how the sound system was bad and the air conditioner was off. "The church could take a lesson from that theater." But the son wrapped it all up when he said, "Dad, for that $1 you put in the offering I thought the church put on a pretty good show."

Happy birthday to Todd Tittle, Matt Watson, Juanita Cox, Rachel Williams, Katharine Stathakis, Wanda Brakebill, Billy Dee Osborn, Vicky Bailey, Sammie Hannah, Ronnie Cochran.

Happy anniversary to Jack and Evelyn Thompson.

Happy years, all!

Community on 02/06/2019

Print Headline: Dreary Wintry Days, Ready For Spring

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