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Looking forward, things will get back to normal after two weeks of some businesses closing, school vacation, and the every present changes of employees' hours.

Johnny and Anna Cheatham had their annual Christmas-Birthday dinner and celebration on Anna's birthday, New Year's day, with their usual chicken and dumplings dinner and gift exchange. They tease Anna because she works on her birthday, making the three big pots full of dumplings, their choice, second only to venison dinners, but this day complete with birthday cake that Karen baked and decorated.

If you've tired of these rainy, dreary, days, think of them as blessings. Each rain we've received, measured 1/2 to 3 inches, with no runoff, but every drop soaking in, adding to the deep moisture we have so needed these past years, and with the clouds, the sun didn't come out to dry up each shower.

North of Johnny and Anna's house is a row of young pines along the fence row over to the woods. Tuesday at noon, the whole north side of every pine was covered with frozen fog or frost, the cover of white was a great contrast to the green of the south side. A beautiful picture that only God could create.

Does this sound familiar? A Christmas Complaint.

"Shop early" they say, so you buy all your gifts,

And later you feel betrayed

When you see those items advertised

For half the price you paid.

Happy birthday greetings to Dee Pettigrew, Rachel Bruner, and Skyla Bruner (twins), Doris Thurman, Doug Hulse, Edwin Roy, Caleb Lipford, Tom Pennel, Johnny Loftin, Verna Lou Snodgrass, Chris Bradley, Sheryl Roy, Jake Barnes.

Happy anniversary to Bill and Barbara Griscom.

Happy years, all!

Community on 01/09/2019

Print Headline: Getting Back To Normal

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