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With apologies for the omission of last week's column, belated birthday greetings go to Rylee Pitts, Helen Jones, Larry Hacker, Cody Chambliss, Roger Reed, Dorothy Straub, Evelyn Thompson, Pauline Batson, Audra Hacker, Dean Cheatham, Rodney Abshier.

Here's hoping all had great celebrations, with many more to follow.

The rain stayed away for the day and it was a beautiful time for decorating, on Sunday, the day before Memorial Day, allowing us to display the flags at the Beaty Cemetery, thanks to Johnny and Anna, who did the honors this year.

At their home, 46 family members and friends gathered for the day, their annual get together, the regular Arkansas noon meal and lots of visiting and "catching up." The floods between "here and there" kept some from coming, in addition to jobs and other activities. There were members of five generations present, from age 2 to 96.

When Johnny and Anna put out the flags at the cemetery, they found that one metal flag holder had been pushed over and broken. He used his truck to pull it back some, and it did hold the flag. Damage like this was not caused by mower or four wheeler. One wonders if it was done when the grave stones vandalism happened.

They Believe-

Most people demonstrate their faith

Through church attendance or by deed

But surely one great show of faith

Must be a farmer planting seed.

And to this I must say

Another is chancing weather and hay.

(as seen this year)

Second Sunday in June is decoration at Zinnamon and Reese (or Fly Creek).

Happy birthday to Marnie Long, Ruby West, Misty Cheatham, Vicki Hansen, Payton Roy, Josh Pitts, David Jones, James Hodge, Saundra Watson, Chris Borchardt, Sam Hannah, Betty Thompson.

Happy anniversary to David and Carolyn Latta.

Happy years, all!

Community on 06/05/2019

Print Headline: Cemetery Decorating Continues

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