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Suppose an artifact was discovered that was evidence of time travel. Someone had come back from the future. They had left behind instructions for accessing hidden secrets of the universe. It was concealed in a code, recorded in a book like a manuscript, somehow preserved from the ravages of destruction or deterioration. Being examined, it was found to contain advanced information that no human could ever have invented. Such knowledge could potentially have enormous benefits for all of mankind, if it was understood and properly implemented.

That has actually happened. I'm speaking of the Bible, 66 books written by inspired authors over a span of millennia, containing news that accurately describes events far in advance of their occurrence. This is data delivered to humanity as an integrated coherent system that originated from beyond space and time.

This is evidenced by pre-history scenarios, written long before they occurred, and described in detail. For example, Cyrus, king of Persia, was named in the scriptures 150 years before he was born. Israel was being held in captivity in Babylon for 70 years. This was recorded in two books, Daniel and Ezra. Two prophets had predicted this, even naming the key leader and the precise period of time (Isaiah 44:28, Jeremiah 29:10). It is likely that Daniel greeted Cyrus with these scriptures, showing him his role in releasing the Israelites to return home.

Why should it be impossible for information to come to us from a realm that's beyond time? Let's consider that idea.

Quantum physics reveals that there are realms beyond our observation. Almost everyone believes in life after death or in a realm beyond time called heaven. Almost everyone believes in angels, beings with a will of their own, who can speak using words in our language. Angels have non-corporeal bodies that don't depend on earthly sustenance, not limited to ordinary locomotion. They can appear anywhere, popping out of a higher dimension, taking human form momentarily, usually to impart helpful information.

Then there is the Holy Spirit. He is God, personal, but timeless, seeing the past and the future simultaneously. He can reveal God's plan to inquiring believers praying to the Lord. Jesus told his followers the Holy Spirit would be their teacher and show them things to come. The Father of Light above can peel back the curtain to warn and assist us. Given these factors, all of which are in the Bible, can you see how it's possible for human beings to receive divine information relayed to us by a messenger from the Lord?

If there is information coming from God's throne, the realm of light, then there's the opposite: deception from the dark side. Jesus said Satan is the father of lies. He uses sin, pride, and lies, or astrology, mediums, witches, seances, and fortune-telling. These things are sinful; banned. Evil sources of knowledge are from lying spirits being channeled to ensnare the ignorant. Don't fall for the counterfeit but be grateful for the genuine.

I want to encourage you to read the Bible. Study what it says. Pay attention to its narrative. Read the eye-witnesses' accounts of Jesus. He is the way, the truth, and the life. The Bible's words can come alive and bring us to faith in God and the experience of salvation.

I will speak next month in Bella Vista at the NW Arkansas Ministry Center, hosted by Scott and Carolyn Buss. Their campus is directly behind the Boys and Girls Club on Forest Hills. The time will be from 9 to 11 Saturday morning, June 15. You are welcome to join me there.


Editorial on 05/15/2019

Print Headline: Beyond Time

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