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Linda Jones of Clovis, Calif., is spending some vacation time with her sister, Jan Wilson, in Rogers. They came for a good visit with us Tuesday afternoon, and it was such a good and fun time, reminiscing and just visiting. Catching up on news and information of family relations. Linda is really "into" family history and she has a good collection of facts dating back over 200 years.

They had planned to also visit the nearby Beaty Cemetery Tuesday, where at least three generations of their family are buried, but when they left here, the rain had begun again, with raincoat and umbrella weather. Hopefully, they can come by on a sunny day.

Linda and Jan are the daughters of Irene Rich Wilson, who grew up in the Lincoln area. Irene was the daughter of Irvin and Minnie Trammel Rich. Irvin worked for the city of Lincoln until his retirement.

Most of this year's news has been weather. The farmers especially have had trouble with so much rain at least once a week, enough to get the hay wet before it was baled.

Now, some humor -- "A little girl sat on her grandfather's lap as he read her a bed time story. From time to time she would reach up and touch his wrinkled cheek. Then she touched her own cheek thoughtfully.

Finally she spoke, "Grandpa did God make you?'

"Yes, sweetheart," he answered, "God made me a long time ago."

"Did God make me too?" she asked. "Yes honey," he answered.

"God made you just a little while ago."

She touched his cheek again and then her own.

"He's getting better at it, isn't he?" she asked.

Happy birthday to Cheryl Taylor, Brandon Bradley, Matt Pinkerton, John Griscom, Patrick Wooton, Wesley Martshing, Elanor Neal, Jean Helm, Jimmy Chambliss, Kathy Farmer.

Happy years, all!

Community on 11/06/2019

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