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We had another downpour and received 2.4 inches the first time (it rained more later). I'm thankful we live on the top of an Arkansas mountain, so no real flooding, but enough rain to keep everything green, especially the trees that give us oxygen as well as beauty, and the mountains look like dense carpets.

The weather cleared Saturday, and the annual hay ride at the Sugar Hill Church was fully enjoyed, though much longer than usual. Later the cook-out was enjoyed, so it ended later than expected. Evidently those who stayed for it all, slept in the next morning, because attendance for Sunday School was scarce; but they all came for morning service, making almost a full house and a good service.

Can you believe it? October, and 2019 is 3/4 gone. October is Eat better, eat together month, communicate with your children, family history, positive attitude, German American Heritage, long-term planning, class reunion, canine good health, adopt a shelter dog, animal safety, do it yourself, auto battery safety, car care, national crime prevention, fire prevention, book, reading group, stamp collecting, pajama, roller skating, chiropractic, organize your medical information, breast cancer awareness, healthy lung, dental hygiene, flu shot, spinal health, vegetarian awareness, chili, popcorn, pork, sea food, bake and decorate, cookie, pasta, dessert, and caramel month. Happy eating!

Happy birthday to Lola Bradley, Darryl Sisemore, Brian Roy, Rainy Laycox, Oda Wagnon, Janet Roy, Jeanine Tucker, Braylon Nickols, Elaine Jones, Joyce Bradley, Rusty Chambliss.

Happy anniversary to Woody and Sunshine King, Mark and Nancy Martsching.

Happy years, all!

Editorial on 10/02/2019

Print Headline: More Rain Comes Down

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