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I heard a story recently about a local policeman who was refused service at one of my favorite places in Fayetteville. He was a cop in uniform. The clerk sent him away.

In 2016, national polls showed that Hillary Clinton was leading in several key states. About that time, very near the end of the U.S.A. campaign for President, I was in Florida visiting my brother. I attempted to get into the nearby Trump rally at the Lakeland airport, but I'd waited too late to go. Traffic was backed up to the interstate, with thousands stuck outside trying to get in. I remember watching the national news coverage that evening and seeing them minimize the turnout, downplaying the crowd size, even showing the empty aircraft hanger as it was before people began to gather for Trump to speak. I said to myself, "That's dishonest reporting!"

Recently, on Sept. 22, the Prime Minister of India and President Trump were at a rally together in Houston. It was held for natives of India who live and work in the U.S.A. Over 50,000 people filled up the giant stadium. The reception given to both leaders was phenomenally positive. It was like a super bowl for national leaders - the two most powerful leaders of free democracies in the world. They were cheered by thousands of Indians in the U.S.A., people who are statistically among the most educated, prosperous, intelligent, and pro-business of any immigrant segment of America's population.

The national news coverage? Nil. Nada. Nothing. No mention of it at all. Instead, a drumbeat of coverage about the whistle-blower leak over Trump's phone call to Ukraine. Here, the liberal press act like the propaganda arm of the democratic party. I think the media elite had better watch out or their smear tactics may backfire. After all, Joe Biden's son, Hunter, really did receive $3 million dollars from Ukraine, after Vice President Biden threatened Ukraine, who caved.

In the United States, there is a bias built into the media. Eight owners control 90% of TV, radio, and newspapers. Mainstream traditional-values America is being swamped, ignored, and drowned out by Hollywood's devaluation of morals and cultural degradation. The people with media megaphones can shape our societal values and influence our elections, and not for our national good. Facebook and Twitter continue to censor conservatives while in China, Google has created an information-controlled internet system so effective that Chinese people can't even search for news of protests in Hong Kong or about democracy.

This amounts to a monopoly. Our once Free Press has been infected with a virus of "politically correct group-think." It seems like Ayn Rand's classic novel, "Atlas Shrugged" has come true. Statism and progressivism is folding into socialism and communism. In the light of all this, what are normal people to do? If you're like me, the temptation is to hide, to flee to the hills, to move to another country: someplace where my beliefs are respected, where I feel safe, at home. When I write to remind people to pray for elected leaders, including President Trump, I get a barrage of angry emails. Where is civil discourse?

I've never been an angry conservative. I'm respectful and compassionate. It feels like the anger, intimidation, and unpleasant rhetoric is coming loudly from the Left. Yes, I have beliefs I hold on to. I'm pro-God, pro-family, anti-big government, and I'm for individual responsibility. That doesn't make me a threat to civil libertarians. I say, "Live and let live." However, don't corrupt our children. You have no right. That's when I'll get angry.


Editorial on 10/02/2019

Print Headline: No Place For Conservatives

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