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When Roger watched the child's crooked feet being healed, he exclaimed, "The Bible is true!" That's how my friend instantly came to faith. But most people grow in faith. Faith develops by hearing God's word. Many people debate airhead ideas, vacuous opinions, but I'm into practical theology. What helps people? What positively impacts us? What works? The answer begins with faith.

In modern America, mainstream culture has departed from the previous generation's proven worldview. That older way of thinking was informed by beliefs shaped by the Bible. Right or wrong, truth or error, were easily understood. Now most Americans are biblically illiterate. People live based on personal preferences, not knowing ultimate moral reality. Do you ever think about what you believe? Turn on the light and look inside. "Error when examined grows weaker, but truth when examined grows stronger." Don't be afraid to examine your beliefs and opinions. Walk toward the light.

When Pilate was crucifying Jesus, he said, "What is truth?" He didn't know that truth was the person in front of him staring him in the face. We need a grid by which we can recognize truth. Truth has good fruit. It produces righteousness, peace and joy, while a life based on deception is miserable. A life based on pursuing the truth results in happiness. The Bible has much to say about truth versus lies. The truth is something verifiable. It is documented by eyewitnesses, history, and the word of God. It is something the Holy Spirit confirms since he is "the spirit of truth." God cannot lie. He rejects all liars. Truth - scientific, moral, philosophical, historical, mathematical - is compatible with God's nature.

Spiritual truth is the ultimate reality. Jesus said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." This kind of knowing is more than intellectual knowledge; it's experiential. Just knowing facts about Jesus is insufficient, although a good starting point. Jesus said, "If you believe in God, believe also in me." There is a process, a progression, a growing realization of understanding that's commonly seen along the pathway of becoming a believer in Jesus as the Son of God. Most people don't have a sudden enlightenment or a miraculous conversion. They wrestle with doubts and consider testimonies for a long while. They hear scriptures taught or sermons preached or listen to people pray. They are nudged toward truth.

The bottom line is, if you are to know God, you have to begin with personal faith. You have to start with the first baby step, that is, to believe that God exists. Only then can you truly come to God. The reason this works is that God is a rewarder of those who seek him. That is his nature. The process of coming to know God and approaching God is itself a journey of faith. Along the way, you'll discover some fundamental things. Included are these - the Bible is trustworthy, the cross really happened, Jesus is alive, and God still speaks.

Faith in God is bedrock for my life. I've proven for myself that placing my trust in the Living God is like building on a tested and proven foundation. Aligning with his word is a cornerstone to keep my whole world in order. He is an anchor that keeps me unshakable. Despite trials or tough times, faith in the Infinite-Personal God revealed in Christ in the Holy Bible keeps me from being shaken, disturbed, ashamed, or confounded. I recommend feeding your faith and doubting your doubts. Read the Bible prayerfully. Find faith that works.


Religion on 10/30/2019

Print Headline: Pilate Didn't Know Truth Was Staring Him Straight In The Face

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