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FARMINGTON -- Jeb Huckeba never had a more joyful introduction.

Farmington student Alina Curry, who worked football games as a sophomore in 2018 dressed as one of the Cardinal mascots, "Little Cutie," with a bow tied atop its head, presented the former Razorback defensive end during a "Fields of Faith" event hosted by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Farmington's Allen Holland Field.

Alina couldn't contain herself. A blend of joy mixed with excitement formed deep within the core of her being. She appeared on the verge of crying tears of joy while bursting into simultaneous laughter.

Her happy tone emerged bubbling to the surface like a freshwater spring breaking the crust of a parched earth.

"Our next speaker is Jeb Huckeba. He played high school football at Harding Academy in Searcy, Ark. He played for the Arkansas Razorbacks where he capped off his college career by playing in the first-ever U.S. Army All-American Bowl, and was a fifth-round pick in the 2005 NFL draft by the Seattle Seahawks. Him and his wife live in northwest Arkansas with their two daughters and son. So, here he is."

"Um, yeah,..."

Alina caught herself. Her responsibility was to pray invoking an anointing over Huckeba to enhance the effectiveness of his testimony. Such practices represent standard procedure for FCA "Fields of Faith" events.

In the spotlight of the moment the Farmington teenager faithfully carried out her duty.

"Dear Lord, I just thank you that we can all come together and like I said, just worship you and get to know you more with open hearts," Alina prayed. "And I just know that like with everyone that's spoken and all the testimonies that have been shared and just everything that's going on tonight, that you are touching people's hearts. I know that and I feel that and I know that you've touched my heart."

Alina let go of any considerations of her stature as a high school student introducing a local celebrity. She spoke distinctly into the microphone allowing prayer to flow spontaneously.

"I just pray as Jeb comes up and talks that just like people just in general that we know will be able to go out and spread the word and love you and be bold in who we are and just know that you're always with us. God, you're not leaving us by our side even when we feel alone. So, I just pray over Jeb with his talk that he'll know what to say, but it won't be his words, it'll be yours. Amen."

Alina glowed, radiant in her delivery, granting the audience a delightful introduction infused with joy.

Huckeba was well set up looking at an unobstructed path to the quarterback as he took the microphone.

Sports on 01/08/2020

Print Headline: Teenager Sets Up Speaker

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