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If you have heard of some "new" news, please let me know.

The following isn't new, but we, as the heading says,

"Just accept it"

I have a wrinkled face and a sagging chin,

And these great big brown spots all over my skin;

But thank God, I'm not sick!

I can turn on TV--push my recliner back

Before the news is over I've taken a nap.

Then when its late and I'm ready for bed;

I'm wide awake and wondering what was said.

I know where my brain is, but that's not my mind

And I question my memory from time to time.

I hunt for things plus the keys to my car

Go in next room and wonder what for:

But thank God, I'm not sick!

I tire a little faster, rest a little slower,

In spite of this, I'm still a go-er.

It's a God-given privilege to be alive,

So whatever the day brings, I'll survive.

So, thank God I'm not sick!

I forget names but remember faces,

Remember them but forget the places.

My hearing is dull, my hair is grey,

My eyes are dim, but what can I say?

I'm cooking less, my cooking is not good,

I chew a little longer when eating my food.

Make myself a list, check it twice--

Write myself a note, now take my advise.

When you look on the calendar to check a day

Be sure it's the correct week and be OK.

Then laugh a lot and pray a little,

But keep on plowing down the middle.

Then thank God you're not sick!

Happy birthday greetings to Joyce Bradley, Rusty Chambliss, Cindy Lyons, Thomas Stathkis, Zane Latta, Linda Munyon, Teagan Myers, Zeb Hobbs, Madalynn Bradley, Robert Hobbs.

--Marie Roy is a long-time resident of Lincoln and has written a community column for the Enterprise-Leader for many years. The opinions expressed are those of the author.

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