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FARMINGTON -- Farmington School District is a recipient of a $25,000 grant to administer an Emergency School Pantry and Food Box Program during the 2020-21 school year.

The Emergency School Pantry and Food Box Program grant aims to give low-income families with children additional food assistance. In Farmington, it will provide food boxes for approximately 40 families each week.

Farmington will be partnering with the NWA Food Bank to distribute food purchased through the grant.

"This program will be extremely beneficial in ensuring that our students do not go without the necessary nutrition needed in order to grow and learn," said Assistant Superintendent Terri Strope.

The district was able to apply for grant funding because of its participation in USDA Summer Meals and USDA Free and Reduced Lunch Programs.

"Working in a smaller school district in Northwest Arkansas has many advantages: everyone knows everyone, one gets to know the community, the families, and the needs of that community," said Wendy Burrus, child nutrition director. "I know the Emergency School Pantry and Food Box Program will be a beneficial and much-needed addition to our district."

Superintendent Jon Laffoon said the school district is aware of the additional economic burden the covid-19 pandemic has placed on families and believes the Emergency School Pantry and Food Box Program is a necessary next step in helping the community.

"Our students are looking to our school district for stability and to meet even their most basic needs of safety and food. I know this grant and our partnership with the NWA Food Bank will maximize our ability to meet those needs," Laffoon said.

Food boxes through the Emergency School Pantry and Food Box Program will be available this fall. Community members interested in participating should watch for additional information in the coming weeks from the district on how to sign up for the program.

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