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Wednesday, Sept. 30

at DeGray Lake State Park Golf Course



1.^Bismarck 258

2.^Charleston 303

3.^Cossatot River 311

4.^Mayflower 314

5.^Gosnell 318

6.^Booneville 322

7.^Valley Springs 339

8.^Rose Bud 361

9.^Harrisburg 378

10.^Bald Knob 384

11.^DeWitt 394

12.^Lincoln 413


1.^Makenna Norris, Bismarck 85*

2.^Aspen Austin, Gosnell 85**

3.^Anna Cain, Bismarck 85

4.^Hannah Collie, Bismarck 88

5.^Jacqueline Fields, Dover 95

5.^Gabrielle Meador, Charleston 95

6.^Kelsey Saveall, Jessieville 96

6.^Karley Brown, Mayflower 96

7.^Jadyn Orton, Gosnell 98

8.^RyLee Dering, Cossatot River 99

9.^Keley Taylor, Rose Bud 100

10.^Erin Fendley, Bismarck 103

10.^Rylee Ross, Charleston 103

10.^Kaylin McKee, Cossatot River 103

11.^Peri Tygart, Charleston 105

11.^Madelyn Ramsey, Riverview 105

12.^Leigh Swint, Booneville 106

12.^Emily Smith, Rose Bud 106

12.^Mackie Rogers, Booneville 106

13.^Maura Moore, Valley Springs 108

14.^Jaden Dering, Cossatot River 109

14.^Abby Kirby, Mayflower 109

14.^Bailey Francis, Mayflower 109

15.^Joleigh Tate, Booneville 110

15.^Gretchen Morgan, Harrisburg 110

16.^Brea Boyce, Smackover 111

17.^Skylar Purdy, DeWitt 113

18.^Sydney Cross, Charleston 114

18.^Landry King, Valley Springs 114

19.^McKenzie Garrison, Valley Springs 117

20.^Maddie Plyler, Centerpoint 120

21.^Madelyn Throckmorton, Bald Knob 124

22.^LaBrayla Robb, Cossatot River 126

23.^Paisley Curtis, Lincoln 127

24.^Brook Glaze, Bald Knob 128

25.^Nellie Jennings, Valley Springs 130

26.^Zoie James, Bald Knob 132

27.^Savannah Smith, Harrisburg 133

28.^Logan Tilley, Gosnell 135

28.^Carly Rorie, Harrisburg 135

29.^Paige Umberson, Lincoln 137

30.^Peyton Davenport, DeWitt 140

31.^Mary Claire Grantham, DeWitt 141

32.^Karlie Cochran, Bald Knob 148

32.^Adleigh Rouse, Gosnell 148

33.^Keara Wallace, Lincoln 149

34.^Christa Chalk, Rose Bud 155

*Won playoff for first

**Won playoff for second

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