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If you watch television, you've seen a lot of crime. You've seen news reports of young men running from law enforcement personnel, and some getting shot. There are reasons for this.

Hollywood and other businesses produce stuff that is called entertainment, but it glorifies hate, murder, terrorism, alcoholism, nudity, pornography, drug abuse, witchcraft, demonism, sexual abuse and assault against women and presents multi-leveled abstract-fear! The computer industry creates the same type stuff for computers.

It's been proven long ago that what people see, hear and experience modifies their behavior. That's why the top 200 advertisers in the U.S. paid more than $163 billion in 2018 to get viewers to buy their products. There's no doubt that what we watch affects our actions!

Our society is living on the level of insanity. While Hollywood trains people to hate and kill, we try to outlaw the means to counteract the evil that Hollywood generates.

I'm sure you've heard that pouring even more billions of dollars into the various educational programs will help. But we cannot educate evil out of people while we keep training them to be evil. That's insane! We need to help people understand why their self-destructive lifestyle is hurting them, but how?

My own son told me years ago, "Dad, a person will change only if he wants to change." He's correct. So, our challenge is to teach people why they should change and give them the tools to effect the change. And it won't take billions of dollars.

Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch (TCAR) is a licensed behavioral therapy program that provides professional addiction treatment dealing with opioids, alcohol, gambling and a lot more. They provide adventure in their therapeutic programs, both on their sprawling campus and throughout the region. Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch helps boys, ages 14 – 17 ½, recover from various issues that are causing them to seriously damage their future or their physical or emotional well-being. They help boys who are self-destructing due to trauma, adoption issues, negative peer influences, abuse or substances that are controlling their life.

As the first Teen Challenge therapeutic boarding school for teenage boys, TCAR was founded on the philosophy of helping troubled teens become mentally sound, academically strong and prepared for a strong future.

TCAR provides private bedrooms, not traditional dorms, which they believe is important for each boy's well-being and safety. The energetic team of therapists, educators, and direct care staff outnumber the boys on campus, working every day to encourage each individual to apply appropriate solutions to his specific situation or condition.

Unlike most other similar programs, TCAR offers an extensive aftercare program, without added cost, that ensures each boy's ongoing success. Boys get an extra six months of support, training, phone counseling, and encouragement after graduating from the program. Regular contact is made with each boy and family after graduation, including visiting in their home and establishing local resources for both the parents and the boy to maintain and strengthen their treatment.

If your son is encountering difficulty, enrolling him in this residential program may be the best chance for his future before he becomes an out-of-control adult.

These are some of the symptoms that reveal help is needed: He is addicted to a substance or a bad habit like gambling, online gaming, or pornography. Counseling and other outpatient treatments have not worked. His problems are worsening, despite his promises to change. Inappropriate behaviors are placing his (or your) health or life at risk. He was expelled from school or is facing legal problems. He is entangled with friends who are a negative influence. He keeps returning to negative behaviors after periods of improvement. His behaviors, actions or attitudes could endanger his life and future. He has little concern for his future and takes harmful and unnecessary risks.

Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch is a licensed facility in Morrow in Washington County that works with insurance companies to help boys recover from self-destructive behavior. With TCAR's help, society encounters less crime and greater productivity, while the boys continue their education.

On Saturday, Oct. 3, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch will be holding a Volunteer Work Day. This is an opportunity for individuals and groups to come to TCAR and help beautify our campus. Chores needed include landscaping, painting, and some floor work. This will also be an opportunity to see TCAR's lovely campus, and lunch will be provided. To RSVP, contact Kim Huett at 479-502-2239.


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