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COLUMN: A Blessing At Church

August 18, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

Sugar Hill Church members were blessed Sunday by a visit and the morning message by Cody Chambliss. It had been too long since he had visited last. He also brought his guitar and led the song service. All those who bring their instruments for the music are really appreciated. Chris Rogers, who was the pianist for all those years, is sadly and surely missed, but we know she is free now of all the disappointments and cares of this world.

Recently, we listed some different uses for potatoes but ran out of allotted space. Here are two more: To relieve tense, tight muscles, boil a large potato, wrap in a clean hand towel, and lay on sore area. Potatoes contain starchy compounds that absorb and retain heat, giving an hour of soothing relief.

For tired, puffy eyes, cut two slices from a raw potato and lay over closed eyelids for 10 minutes. As you relax, the alpha lipoic acid will reduce the inflammation that's causing the puffiness. (I have hear that cucumbers slices will do the same).

Two aliens land their ship on a golf course and watch a young man play. First, he hits his ball into high grass and mumbles and curses as he goes to retrieve it. Next, he hits it into a sand trap, shouting and swearing on his way to collect it. Then he hits a perfect shot, and ball goes right into the hole. The first alien turns to the second and says, "Uh-oh-- cover your ears. He's going to be really mad now!"

Happy birthday to Hollis Barker, Damon Laycox, Richard Moore, Eloise Parker, Jay Norton, Kirsten May.

Happy anniversary to Hollie and Verla Barker.

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