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COLUMN: It's Still February

February 24, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

My last surviving cousin, Lois Sallee Norvell, passed from this life recently at the age of 102. I don't remember much of our younger years because their family moved to eastern Arkansas when I was 6 or 7 years old. Lois and her husband Sammy moved to this area for retirement years, and we enjoyed many times together. She did so enjoy reminding me that she was older than I was. I have a keepsake card she gave me on my 90th birthday, signed "Your much older cousin." Lots of good memories.

If you have spare pint fruit jars, and have no need for them, maybe they are stacked in a spare cupboard, the utility room, and in the way, please don't put them in the trash. A friend can reuse them and they can't find them in any local stores. If you have some reusable ones, let me know.

We're reminded it is still February, with a historical winter storm blowing in, frozen fog, ice and snow. One year, I remember, the temperature was -4 degrees for two days, and I had a little water pipe freeze and burst, and one little pipe can make a big mess! This time we have had as low as -11 degrees and another storm, "Viola," to blow in after "Uri."

That was February and now March is coming. March is Women's History Month, National Peanut, Nutrition, Frozen Food, Umbrella, Caffeine Awareness, Craft, Save Your Vision, Music in our Schools, Collision, Red Cross, Optimism and International Mirth Month.

Happy birthday to Gary Cheatham, Jackson Ford, Lois Guess, Jaime Turner, and special greetings to Lois Uselton, Brenna Hutchens and Addison Roy, who can celebrate Feb. 28 or March 1 because they were born on Feb 29, which comes only every four years.

Happy anniversary to George and Lorene Schooler.

Happy years, all!


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