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Lincoln Lifestyles

by Jackie Brooks | January 6, 2021 at 5:00 a.m.

Again, I apologize to those to those who had birthdays the past month, and I failed to print them, with some columns omitted. I hope each one enjoyed their day. My best wishes to all, with hopefully many more enjoyed.

We all do our best sometimes when it just doesn't work out as we wish. We did stay home, wore masks, washed hands, etc., etc., but the virus crept in anyway. It wasn't real bad, but not good. Our thoughts and prayers are for others, whether their case is "mild" or otherwise.

We have just come through a year like nothing we have never known, but just have celebrated two holidays which should remind us. Be thankful, and keep the spirit of giving all year. To quote. "While you sit at home and whine, during these times, remember those who put their lives on the line. Nurses, doctors, EMT, police, healthcare workers, delivery personnel, social workers, grocery personnel, pharmacy staff, cashiers, military, firefighters, sanitation personnel, caregivers, farmers, truckers, and I add, family members, parents, siblings, children, and extended members.

Now January 2021, it is celebration life month, love yourself, reach your potential, family fit lifestyles, image improvement, eye care, cancer prevention, bread machine baking, fat free living, hot tea, oatmeal, gourmet coffee, book, creativity, get organized, walk your pet, skating, and mail-order gardening month.

Happy birthday to Waylin Luttrell, Hudson Moore, Pat Summers, Rachel Bruner and Skyla Bruner (twins), Doris Thurman, Doug Hulse, Christeen Albright.

Happy years, all!


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