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PRAIRIE GROVE -- Prairie Grove Planning Commission approved the large-scale development permit for storage units along Heritage Parkway at its Dec. 17 meeting, along with approving sketch plats for two developments: townhomes and a new residential subdivision, according to Larry Oelrich, director of administrative services and public works.

Bo Speed submitted the large-development plan for a climate controlled storage facility on East Heritage Parkway. The facility will be located along the highway in front of the area used for The Junk Ranch every year.

The facility will be located on 18 acres and will have six buildings with storage units.

Engineer Ferdi Fourie with Civil Design Engineers Inc. of Springdale, represented the owners/developers for the two sketch plats.

Oelrich said a sketch plat gives Planning Commission members the opportunity to look at a proposal and identify any changes they may want before a preliminary plat or large-scale development plan is submitted.

The sketch plat for Highlands Townhouses shows the development would be located on 11.3 acres of land off Heritage Parkway, just before 1 Day Fitness. Another two acres of highway frontage would be available for future commercial use.

Oelrich said the sketch plat shows 12 five-plexes, three quad-plexes, one tri-plex and one duplex for a total of 77 units.

Lots 102 Holdings is the owner/developer for the townhouses, with Tom Sims as the principal owner, according to Oelrich. The developer will have to submit a large-scale development plan, not a preliminary plat, for the project.

The commission approved a second sketch plat for Butler South Subdivision, but Oelrich said he expects the name of the subdivision will be changed, possibly to Spring Meadows, when a preliminary plat is submitted to the Planning Commission.

Butler South Subdivision is a partnership of Rick Woods Construction and Paul Pinkley but the land currently is owned by Daughterty/Stearman Co. LLC. If a preliminary plat is approved in the future, the subdivision would be located on 43 acres of land zoned R-1.75, a higher density for single-family houses. The sketch plat shows the subdivision will have about 137 lots.

This subdivision would be located across the street from Mountain View Subdivision, currently under construction. Mountain View Subdivision is located on 53 acres between Parks and Butler streets and has 172 lots.

In other action, the Commission approved a waiver for street improvements on Mock Street for Wagnon Springs Subdivision. It was noted that the commission previously approved a similar waiver for other houses built along Mock Street.

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