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COLUMN: Missing Dear Friends Who Have Passed

January 13, 2021 at 5:00 a.m.

How time flies, even when it seems that each day just drags by. Two weeks of "longer days" have gone by. It is hard to tell the distance by the amount of sunshine, but the calendar says so.

Most days, the past year, didn't go by fast enough. With the constant news of covid-19, bad news was common. To add to the unwelcome news, I lost three best friends, the last of our group, all pals in our teenage years, and close friends since. What a lonely feeling!

It is hard to tell of a dear friend who was called home recently. Chris Rogers fought a long hard fight of bad health for many months, but she was a faithful pianist for church, to attend when she obviously didn't feel like it. She was admired for her ability to stand and share the many miracles that God worked for her during her life. We will always remember her. Now she lives forever.

Many thanks to those who called when I missed a column, due to some problems. Then the virus hit. We were careful to "stay home," mask, front porch visit, order groceries for delivery, etc., but it crept in anyway, not bad, but positive "mild," and some bad effects from new medicine. Our prayers for those who had problems. Our area is fortunate, that all have recovered, and hope for better days.

Happy birthday to Johnny Loftin, Edwin Roy, Caleb Lipford, Tom Pennell, Chris Bradley, Sheryl Roy, Paul Myers, Jake Barnes, Ronnie New, Ronnie Rinehart, Kim Brock, Nicole Patrick, Connie Meyer, Mitzi Bingaman, Makenzie Patrick.

Happy years, all!

--Marie Roy is a long-time resident of Lincoln and has written a community column for the Enterprise-Leader for many years. The opinions expressed are those of the author.


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