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OPINION: Blame The Women, Or Maybe The Men

June 9, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

During these months of covid-19 scares, we wondered if anything could supersede that daily "news." Then, came the unusual weather storms. Lately, we were discussing the weather when one person said, "Blame the women. Remember the HER-icanes," and I replied, "Well, remember the HIS-toric winter storm, with a late freeze; and the rain everyday, turning into floods." All of this was in fun, but I say we will wish for rain later, this summer, as usual.

Brightening up the days, we have had two weeks of celebration lately. First came Mother's Day (and a birthday), then next came Memorial Day, a Monday, making a long weekend, and many members were free from jobs. Those free days were good for "catching up."

One of those enjoyable things was an added gluten-free birthday cake. This cake has no artificial flavors, color or preservatives. It is so very moist, tender and delicious! Not at all like most gluten-free products. So, Celiac patients, take heart, these are for us! Look for the product name KRUSTEAZ and enjoy.

Happy birthday to David Jones, James Hodge, Marty Spears, Saundra Watson, Chris Borchardt, Betty Thompson, Robin Moore, Bobby Russell, Daniel Beatty, Mary Bowden, Kenneth Myers, Lawrence Bowden, Harold Leo Reed, Jeanie Woodward, John Latta, Kenneth Myers.

Happy anniversary to James and Wilma Myers, Kenneth and Sharon Davis, Rodney and Tracy Abshier.

Happy years, all!

--Marie Roy is a long-time resident of Lincoln and has written a community column for the Enterprise-Leader for many years. The opinions expressed are those of the author.


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