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Border Football Rivalry Historical Scores

by Mark Humphrey | September 8, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.
MARK HUMPHREY ENTERPRISE-LEADER/Lincoln senior Layne Sellers (5-9, 160) pounces on the football after a teammate dislodged it from a receiver during an Aug. 20 scrimmage against Lamar. The Wolves continued their border rivalry with Westville, Okla. Friday, a series that began in 1952. The Yellowjackets won 30-14 to notch their 20th win in the all-time series. Lincoln has 12 wins and there has been one nonconference tie.

LINCOLN -- In 2018 a new dynamic billed as the "State Line Standoff" added to the border rivalry between Lincoln and Westville, Okla. sending a trophy home with the winning team.

Former Lincoln head football coach Don Harrison and former Westville head coach Tyler Dorton worked out an agreement. Dorton served as offensive coordinator for Harrison at Lincoln from 2015-2016 before spending one season as Westville head coach.

Dorton left the Yellowjackets in May of 2018, to become the offensive coordinator at Ada, Okla. Harrison was dismissed as Lincoln head coach in January of 2020 and took over as head coach at Stilwell, Okla., a chief rival for Westville with both schools located in Adair County.

Friday's 30-14 win by Westville at Atkin-Langley Field stopped a four game winning streak by Lincoln, its longest in the border rivalry, and awarded the trophy to the Yellowjackets for the first time since its inception.

Lincoln and Westville have played 32 times since 1952. Westville holds an all-time lead in the series with 20 wins compared to 12 for Lincoln with one nonconference tie. The Yellowjackets hold a 10-7 series lead at Atkin-Langley Field and a 10-5-1 advantage in games played at Lincoln.



1952^Westville^19-0^at Westville^Brendal Rector

1953^Westville^6-0^at Lincoln^Brendal Rector

1954^Westville^33-13^at Westville^Brendal Rector

1980^Westville^19-0^at Lincoln^Brendal Rector

1981^Westville^13-0^at Westville^Brendal Rector

1982^Westville^18-0^at Lincoln^Brendal Rector

1983^Westville^14-7^at Westville^Brendal Rector

1984^Westville^7-6^at Lincoln^PG Enterprise

1985^Lincoln^7-0^at Westville^PG Enterprise*

1986^Westville^30-6^at Lincoln^PG Enterprise

1987^Westville^14-13^at Westville^PG Enterprise

1988^Lincoln^7-0^at Lincoln^PG Enterprise

1989^Westville^35-6^at Westville^PG Enterprise

1990^Westville^40-0^at Lincoln^PG Enterprise

1991^Lincoln^12-8^at Westville^PG Enterprise

1992^Westville^18-0^at Lincoln^PG Enterprise

1993^Westville^39-13^at Westville^PG Enterprise

2006^Lincoln^27-27^at Lincoln^PG Enterprise

2007^Westville^24-0^at Westville^PG Enterprise

2008^Westville^34-12^at Lincoln^PG Enterprise

2009^Lincoln^9-7^at Westville^Enterprise-Leader*

2010^Westville^40-13^at Lincoln^Enterprise-Leader

2011^Lincoln^42-12^at Westville^Interview Cheyenne Vaughn

2012^Lincoln^37-0^at Lincoln^Eye Witness

2013^Lincoln^45-6^at Westville^Interview Coach Brad Harris

2014^Did not play^Lincoln played in Hootens Kickoff Classic

2015^Westville^49-19^at Westville^Interview Coach Don Harrison

2016^Westville^42-7^at Lincoln^Eye Witness#

2017^Lincoln^18-7^at Westville^Eye Witness

2018^Lincoln^48-6^at Lincoln^Eye Witness##

2019^Lincoln^56-7^at Westville^Interview Coach Don Harrison

2020^Lincoln^21-0^at Lincoln^Eye Witness

2021^Westville 30, Lincoln 14^at Westville

*Lincoln's first win in series

Nonconference tie

*Lincoln snaps 20-game losing streak

First "State Line Standoff"

First game at Wolfpack Stadium

First game on artificial turf

– Compiled by Mark Humphrey with assistance from Brendal Rector, who compiled the Westville Yellowjacket Football, and Westville Football History Book

Print Headline: Border Football Rivalry Historical Scores


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