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First responders recognized for lifesaving efforts

by Lynn Kutter | June 7, 2023 at 12:45 p.m.

LINCOLN -- Two Lincoln volunteer firefighters recently received lifesaving awards for their actions when responding to a cardiac arrest incident resulting from an overdose.

Assistant Fire Chief Tyler Franks gave out the awards to firefighter/EMT Amber Franks and probationary firefighter Blake Bowen during the city council meeting on May 16.

Other first responders have been recognized recently for lifesaving efforts, including Prairie Grove police officers, Sgt. Uriel Paredes and Cpl. Warner Burger, and several Prairie Grove firefighters,

School Resource Officer Jason Cooper with Farmington Police Department has received four plaques from the Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute for lifesaving efforts, three while with Fayetteville police and his latest one in Farmington.

Amber Franks and Bowen found the patient unconscious and not breathing while responding to a call on May 5. They immediately started CPR and continued lifesaving measures while awaiting the arrival of Central Emergency Medical Services.

They restored a pulse and the patientf began breathing independently. Central ESM arrived and the patient was taken to a nearby hospital.

"The patient survived and is alive and well today," Tyler Franks said in presenting the awards at the meeting. "Saving the life of another is something in which we take great pride. The percentage of people who can be revived following cardiac arrest is low, due to various circumstances, and we celebrate when the odds turn in our favor."

Amber Franks has been with Lincoln Fire Department for two years. She also has worked for Central EMS and been with a smaller fire department in the past. In all, she has 12 years of first responder experience. Bowen has been with Lincoln for only two months and plans to attend the fire academy and EMT school to pursue a career in firefighting.

Parades' and Burgess' actions were recognized by Chief Chris Workman with Prairie Grove Police Department at the council's May 15 meeting.

Each responded to separate calls of a suicide attempt in progress where the patient had taken an overdose of pills. They used a naxolone hydrochloride nasal spray medication, commonly called Narcan, to revive the victims.

Workman said Narcan can be given to someone on the verge of death because of a drug overdose and it will revive them and bring them back, without any side effects.

All his officers have been trained to use it and have Narcan kits in their police vehicles.

"Unfortunately, it's getting to where this is more and more routine," Workman said.

Prairie Grove Fire Chief J.C. Dobbs also reported to the city council about lifesaving measures on two calls by his firefighters in early April. In both cases, the patient went into cardiac arrest and CPR was performed. Dobbs said the calls were "code saves," which means the patients walked out of the hospital and are alive today.

On one call, Dobbs, along with firefighters Ryan Lewis Blake Wood, Payton Wood and Jason Bromley, helped the patient. Firefighters Jacob Kahl and Justin Capps performed CPR on the second call. Central EMS personnel responded on both incidents, Dobbs said.

Cooper, with Farmington police, said he gave Narcan to a suspect arrested in connection with DWI. The suspect had been placed in the backseat when Cooper noticed he was turning blue and having a hard time breathing. Cooper said he gave the suspect two doses of Narcan and that brought him back.

  photo  Courtesy photo Lincoln volunteer firefighters Blake Bowen and Amber Franks stand with the lifesaving certificates they received for saving someone who suffered a cardiac arrest. They were recognized for their actions at the May Lincoln City Council meeting.
  photo  Burgess
  photo  Paredes

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