Cane Hill Kite Festival set for March 9

CANE HILL -- The annual Cane Hill Kite Festival starts at noon, Saturday, March 9 and continues until the last kite comes down, around 4:30-5 p.m. at Springhill Ranch.

The entry fee is $1 for kids and $2 for adults. It is free to park and watch. Military families, (active or retired) also can fly their kites free of charge.

Handicapped parking is available and concessions will be provided as a fundraiser for Blind Hope Cat Sanctuary.

Springfield Ranch is located in downtown Cane Hill. Take Highway 62 south, turn left on Highway 45 and go exactly 2.9 miles. The entrance to Springfield Ranch is directly across from the Cane Hill Post Office.

People are welcome to bring their own kites but kites also will be available for sale from $1 to $18. A 50-cent raffle will be held. Each person may purchase only one ticket. Large nylon kites will be given away at 1 p.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

The festival also features a special fun contest for kids after the 2 p.m. drawing. They can guess how many armadillo holes were filled in for the kite festival. Small prizes for very random and sometimes silly categories will be held throughout the day

For those who need help with their kites, a kite hospital will be on site to assemble and repair kites, whether they were bought on site or not. Volunteers will be around to assist in flying and untangling kites.

In case of rain or snow, the fall-back date is March 16. For more information and up to date recording on March 9 festival, call 479-824-8109.

Before March 9 email [email protected] Photos and information on the Facebook page.