RELIGION: The Birth of Jesus Christ Changed Everything

The birth of Jesus Christ, two thousand years ago, was a major step in God's plan of salvation for you and me in the year 2024 and beyond. We could say, His birth changed everything...including recorded world history.

The virgin-birth of Jesus Christ is the only event since the beginning of time resulting in a clear and precise division of world history.

All years from Adam and Eve until the birth of Jesus Christ are years "Before the birth of Christ," known as "B.C." One year before the birth of Jesus Christ was the year 1 B.C.

All years following the birth of Jesus Christ are known as "A.D.," from the Latin phrase "Anno Domini" meaning "In the year of our Lord, Jesus Christ." One year following the birth of Jesus Christ was the year 1 A.D.

When we hear the phrase "first century Christians," this is referring to those living in the first 100 years following the birth of Jesus Christ.

We acknowledge the birth of Jesus Christ every time we write the date including the year number on a check or document...such as 2023 or now 2024. The reason this year is 2024 is because it's been 2,024 years since the birth of Jesus Christ.

If a person says, "I don't believe in Jesus Christ," then how does that person rationalize within him/herself the fact world history was divided at the birth of Jesus Christ?

Larry King, (1933-2021) radio and television host and a self-proclaimed agnostic, once said if he could choose one person to interview from the course of human history, he would choose to interview Jesus Christ. In his imagined interview, Larry said he would ask Jesus "if He was indeed virgin-born." If the answer to this question is "yes," that answer would change everything.

Scripture tells us, and Christians believe, Jesus was virgin-born and, yes, His birth changed everything.

Luke, author of the books of Luke and Acts, undertook the task of investigating and recording events around the time of the birth of Jesus Christ.

In the first chapter of Luke, he shares with us...God sent the angel Gabriel to deliver a message to Mary who was pledged to be married to a man named Joseph.

Gabriel told Mary you will conceive and give birth to a son, and you will call him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High, and his kingdom will never end.

We are pretty sure Mary did not comprehend the magnitude of this message when she asked Gabriel, "How will this be...since I am a virgin?"

Gabriel told Mary, the Holy Spirit will come on you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. The holy one to be born will be called the Son of God.

Mary's response to this conversation was, "I am the Lord's servant, may your word to me be fulfilled."

Approximately 280 days following Mary's conversation with Gabriel, she gave an earthly virgin-birth to Jesus Christ resulting in the next step of God's "plan of salvation" for you and me...and a division in world history. Larry King was correct about one thing when he said if Jesus Christ was virgin-born, it would change everything.

If over the past few years your faith in Jesus Christ has weakened, you are not alone. The culture we live in today continues to push us farther away from truth, hope and faith.

If you are seeking more than what this world can offer, this new year could be your opportunity for peace and hope by growing your faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

If you do, it will change everything.

Dennis R. Hixson of Fayetteville is a husband, father, teacher, business leader, author, and mentor. Currently Dennis teaches adult Bible classes at Prairie Grove Christian Church. Send comments and questions to: [email protected].