COLUMN: Here’s to new employees and new ideas at Lincoln Public Library

Hello everyone and hello Spring! It's early this year but that's OK. I hear everyone has had enough of the brutal cold weather we had this winter.

I wanted to let you know about a few changes we have had here at Lincoln Library.

Three staff members went home to be with their families. We now have those positions filled. Rebecca is our children's librarian; Alice is at the front desk and Dana is our new part-time lady. They are all very nice. Please come by and meet them.

With new staff comes new ideas! The ladies have moved some things, painted some things, changed some things and we hope you will come by and see those changes. Some contests are in the works for children and adults that you may find fun to do throughout this year.

Alice has put the library on Instagram and updates all our events on Facebook. We now have QR codes when you come in that you can scan with your phone.

For more information on what is going on here at Lincoln Public Library, you can go to Facebook, Instagram or call us at 824-3294.

A big "Thank you" to Morgan Lindsey and his dad, Monty. Thank you so much for cleaning up the leaves out in front of the library. That was very kind of you. And then you hosed off our building. We look good because of the two of you! Thank you so much. And thank you Wendy for taking all our leaves.

Come by and see us!

Dianna Payne is director of Lincoln Public Library.